Comprehensive Kitchen Plumbing Repair & Garbage Disposal Repair in Sun Prairie

Your kitchen is the heart of your home, so why trust a stranger to take care of it? Call 608-834-8767 for trustworthy kitchen plumbing installation and repair from Oliver's Plumbing today. 

Kitchen Plumbing

Your kitchen is the place you and your family prepare meals, entertain, and spend a significant amount of time. With this in mind, investing in timely kitchen plumbing repair is essential to ensuring that you feel comfortable and secure in your home. The plumbing experts at Oliver's Plumbing are available to assist you by offering fast and efficient plumbing solutions you can trust.

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We Offer Garbage Disposal Repair Services

Many homes in your community come equipped with a garbage disposal unit. This mechanical system uses a series of whirring blades to shred large pieces of food and debris so that they can easily be washed away with the dishwater.

However, when your garbage disposal breaks it is very easy for food particles to get stuck inside and to begin to rot. If this happens, contact us for effective garbage disposal repair services to restore it to perfect working order.

We Offer Sink Repair Services

Did you know that your sink is one of the most heavily used pieces of equipment in your home? As a result of daily use, it’s common to begin seeing signs of wear and tear, including leaks, clogs in the pipes, and other issues. We can help by offering professional sink repair and replacement services.

Do You Need Faucet Replacement Services?

A leaking faucet isn’t just a hassle to clean up; leaking water can cause damage to your kitchen and encourage the growth of mold and mildew and can cause your water bills to go up as a result of the wasted water.

Our technicians can help you solve this issue by repairing your faucet or replacing it with a newer model which suits your aesthetic tastes and needs.

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Enjoy These Perks of Our Service

We guarantee your satisfaction: Our goal is to ensure that no matter what sort of plumbing repair or installation we’re doing, you are happy with the results of our work. We guarantee it!

We’ll never leave a mess behind: Don’t worry about cleaning up after us when we’re gone, because if we make a mess while solving your plumbing issue, we will tidy it before leaving.

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