Keep Your Pipes Healthy Even Through April Showers

The heavy rainfalls of spring are great for your yard and garden, but they will not only ruin your next barbecue but also will potentially cause damage to your plumbing.

Rainfall, especially heavy and sudden, can create massive problems for your outdoor – and indoor – plumbing. This is especially true if you have an older home with old pipes. Here are a few issues to look out for and how you can avoid them.

Broken Pipes Due to Pressure

brokenpipeWe’ve all seen the unbelievable shifts that heavy rains can cause, a powerful reminder of how forceful water can be. These above-ground shifts are taking place underground as well. The softened soil due to rain can cause pipes to bend at odd angles and crack.

Cracked pipes can lead to leaky pipes and a myriad of other plumbing problems. If the crack can be tracked down, a plumber can repair it, but if possible, it’s best to avoid this entirely.

Before a rainy season comes, have your pipes inspected to ensure that they are sturdy enough to handle the everyday wear and tear that comes, particularly in stormy seasons. This is especially important for homes with older pipes.

Clogged Drains and Sewer System Backups

sewersystemHeavy rainfall and storms result in increased debris that can clog drains. This combined with the increased water due to rain can be more than your pipes and drains can handle.

You might see evidence of this problem if your crawl space or basement flood, or it might present as simply sluggish drains or the smell of sewage.

If it’s a minor blockage, you can try to resolve it with a plunger. Also, keep in mind that often with heavy rains the city’s sewage lines will backup, creating problems in your home.

However, if it doesn’t clear up within a couple of hours after the rain, the issue is problem localized and you’ll need to get professional help. Clogged drains, particularly when sewage is involved, can create lots of damage and can be dangerous. Obviously, this is an issue you want to avoid whenever possible.

Prevent Rain-related Plumbing Problems with a Plumbing Inspection

plumbinginspectionYou can take some proactive steps to ward off rain-related plumbing crises, like keeping drains clear and limiting debris in your area. However, regular maintenance is the best way to ensure that your plumbing system is prepared for periods of heavy rain.

A plumbing inspection is the best way to identify and resolve problems before the next storm so that you don’t end up with a major plumbing headache – or a sewage-filled basement.

Call Oliver's Plumbing today at (608) 834-8767 to schedule a plumbing inspection. This will give you the peace of mind to enjoy the rains when they come and to look forward to the beautiful flowers that they’ll bring.

Have you had backups due to rain before? Or other rain-related problems? Please share any personal experiences in the comments so we can all learn from them and hopefully avoid them!