Could Dust in Your Water Force a Plumbing Emergency?

With the spring months come warmer weather, family gatherings, and plenty of dust and pollen in the air. This wonderful time of year can often remind us of a certain song - Another One Bites the Dust.

While it has a catchy beat and easy enough lyrics, it’s mainly because those same impurities that are in the air, could force your appliances to bite the dust. While we hope you won’t find yourself singing along, the only way to prevent it is with proactive care and maintenance - mainly in the form of a hard water softener.

What is Hard Water?

hardwaterWater is often considered hard when it contains a large number of dissolved elements. When showers fall and snow water melts, it comes naturally soft.

But as it finds its way deep in the ground and waterways, it picks up the minerals like magnesium, calcium, lime and chalk dust. In the end, the water running to your house hardens with visible effects and health impacts.

Since your daily life revolves around the use of water, you may need to get a quick solution. Water softeners work best in such situations to reduce the frustrations.

How do Water Softeners Work?

cleanwaterDifferent issues need various and specific solutions, but the only right answer to hard water problem is to remove the minerals. Well, the plumbing industry has chemical treatments, but a water softener is always the most popular choice.

The appliance gets plumbed to your house's water source system and operates under the principle of ion exchange.
The machine has three critical parts mineral Tank, Brine Tank, and Control Valve.

When you install the mineral tank, it starts to work by allowing the water to pass through the beads. The hard minerals get attracted and then exchanges with potassium and sodium in the brine tank. The process finishes the ions, and softened water pushed to your reservoirs. In the end, the control valve gets activated and cleans the beads.

The Cost of Soft Water

watersoftenercostMany factors influence the cost of installing new water softener systems, or even other water filtration systems. Sometimes the quote can be expensive, but the investment will save you from headaches in the long run. The numerous benefits are important to consider so you can make the final decision.

One of the biggest gains is the money saved instead of repairing the water system. Yes, hard water damages your home's plumbing channels. The build-up of mineral layers on appliances and pipes cause costly damages over time. The water softener removes the unwanted materials from your water, making it ideal for use.

The homeowners who have switched to this system agree there are also health benefits. Your hair and skin feel smooth and look shiny after being washed. Finally, the appliance is easy to service, and not much is required to correct the setup. Naturally, plumbing repairs are easy during the spring season.

And like the artist Queen showcase in their classical songs, you need to be ready for any season or you’ll “bite the dust.” Of course, the music gets better when you have no dust around, not in the air or your water. So, take the step and invest in a water softener to enjoy the best music smoothly during spring. At Oliver's Plumbing by calling (608) 834-8767. You can comment with your favorite spring-related songs.