A Valentine’s Day Surprise... For Your Plumbing!

Valentine's Day means more than just buying a cheesy card and some cheap chocolate candy for the love of your life. It represents a time you can genuinely express the appreciation you feel for that special someone. Maybe you're already thinking of the perfect, romantic gesture for this Valentine's Day.

Perhaps you’ll find a chic new restaurant to sample, go ice skating, try that new wine bar that just opened, or maybe you’ll sing your hearts out at karaoke. Or, perhaps you want to rent a romantic cabin in the woods where you can rekindle the love you share.

Or, maybe you’re already shaking, knowing you want to ask your special someone to move in with you. Along with all the worry and stress of this big decision, don’t forget the strain another person will put on your plumbing!

Bathroom Plumbing… Not Romantic

bathroomplumbingYou love this person you’re inviting to live with you. You wish you could spend every minute of every day with them. It feels as if your moments together spark magic.

But they are only human, and people have needs. One of those needs is the need to use the toilet. Are you confident that your bathroom plumbing is up to the task of staying clog free with more people in the house?

Bringing more people into your home significantly increases the likelihood of getting a clog. And, there is nothing romantic about a clogged toilet. You certainly don’t want to look lovingly into their eyes with a plunger in your hands!

Shower Clogs Are Not Romantic Either

showerclogWhen you look into the eyes of your love, you are mesmerized, completely captivated. You could stare into their face all day and never tire. You’ve memorized their eyes -- the sound of their voice.

You love the shape of their nose, that silly crooked smile, and the way their hair perfectly frames their face. But that hair! In your shower!

Another person in the house means that, if you’re not careful, a shower clog is in your future. But that’s not all. Everyday people sluff off hair, dirt, the body’s natural oil, and even dead skin in the shower.

All this material adds up. And it all needs to go smoothly down your drain to avoid clogging your shower. Are you sure your pipes are up to the challenge?

Let a Professional Plumber Save Your Relationship

proplumberAfter reading all this, you might be reconsidering asking that special someone to move in with you. But, you don’t have to let the prospect of spending your evenings plunging the toilet or trying to snake a clogged shower ruin your romance.

We are here to help! Save your romance and get the service of a professional plumber to fix any problems that arise, as well as avoid more problems in the future. Whether it’s just you, or you fill your home with two or more people, we always remain loyal and guarantee to be there for you when you need us most!

We at Oliver’s Plumbing wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day. Make sure to tell your loved one all the plumbing tips you learned today!