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How Can a Foundation Leak Impact the Home?

When a pipe or drain line is broken or leaking in the home, it's never good. And one of the worst places this can happen is underneath the home's concrete slab foundation. Not all homes are built this way, but many are, and this leak is often an expensive and disruptive repair. 

These leaks occur underneath the home's main foundation slab, where they can't be easily seen or heard, and when left unchecked can cause major problems. 

Below, readers will learn about the damage these leaks can cause and how a quality plumber will diagnose and fix the problem before it gets worse.

The Cost of Wasted Water

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One of the first signs of a leak beneath a foundation is a water bill that's higher than it should be. Because the leak is hidden, paying attention to water usage will help homeowners become aware of when a problem occurs. While water is a relatively cheap utility, when it's constantly running or dripping, the costs can add up to thousands of dollars. 

A fast dripping sink can waste 6 dollars of water a month, or 72 dollars a year. That doesn't sound like a lot, but these leaks are usually much larger, more like a toilet that's constantly running. A toilet that always runs can use up to 6,000 gallons a month, or an estimated 900 dollars a month! 

Expensive Water Damage

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Another expense that foundation slab leaks can occur is damage to the home and personal property. This can come from many different areas. Flooring and carpet may get destroyed and need replacement. Furniture and personal items can be ruined. Mold may grow, which requires expensive treatments to be safe again. And even worse, when these leaks occur long enough, they can cause the entire home and foundation to shift! 

This can result in the need for massively expensive repairs, and may even force homeowners to move out. While expensive, these costs don't even include the actual cost of repairing a foundation slab leak. 

Foundation Leak Services: Diagnosing and Fixing Leaks

Calling a plumber is always the best decision in case of a foundation slab leak. Usually, diagnosing a leak isn't too expensive, and it's much better to be safe than sorry with these types of leaks. 

The first step in finding a leak is to check the system pressure and see if it drops without any water being used. A similar method is used to check the sewage system. If the plumber does detect pressure drops, they must start narrowing down where the leak is. This is most frequently done by using electrical currents and detectors to trace the path the pipes take. 

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Once identified, the plumber will use an electronic listening device sensitive to frequency and pitch. This allows them to hear any unusual noises and determine where the leak is. Some plumbers also use infrared thermometers to find temperature discrepancies, although this is mostly useful for hot water leaks.

When the leaks have been found, the plumber will remove the flooring, cut through the concrete, and replace the broken or leaking section of pipe. Since cutting through floors and concrete is involved, this is usually not cheap, but it certainly costs less than not fixing it and having the house flood or foundation destroyed! 

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