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How to Conserve Water During the Coming Heat

When the kids are bored, and the mercury is rising, you may forget about your pledge to conserve water. However, saving water and having fun is easy when you use a little creativity and take some time to think of fun and exciting ideas.

To get you started, here are some great ways to have fun during the coming summer and help conserve water at the same time:

A Water Conservation Fight

Sponges are one of the most versatile outdoor water items that can be used in many ways to have a good time. Unlike water balloons, sponges are reusable and less wasteful.

water conservation

Here are two ways you can use water sponges to have fun outside this summer:

Sponge Fight: Instead of a water balloon fight, use sponges instead. Distribute colorful sponges to participants and place some strategic water buckets around the yard as refilling stations. The water fight will last longer, and your kids will get soaked while having fun.

Sponge Games: Another way to use sponges is with a minute-to-win-it style game. Place two buckets at a distance from each other. Fill one bucket with water and leave the other empty. The goal of the game is to transfer water from the full bucket to the empty one using only a sponge. You must go fast and be precise to fill the bucket before your competitors and not spill any water in the process.

DIY Slip and Slide

It’s easy to create your own personal slip and slide at home using only items from your house! Here are the steps to creating a DIY slip and slide:

  • slip and slideTake a painter’s tarp or tape together some heavy-duty garbage bags and place it on the ground in the yard.
  • Make sure you choose a spot with no rocks or sharp edges for safety concerns.
  • Squirt a small amount of dish soap on the plastic and throw on a few buckets of water.
  • Your slip and slide is now ready to go!

Use the Hose and Sprinkler

The hose and sprinkler may seem like functional tools for your outdoor maintenance, but you can easily turn them into something fun.

hose fun

Here are two ways to have fun with the hose and sprinkler:

Hose Limbo: Try this spin on the classic limbo game by doing away with the traditional “limbo stick” and use the stream from the hose instead. Participants will enjoy the high-stakes version of the game since getting soaked is more fun than knocking over a stick if you lose.

Run Through the Sprinkler: This is the easiest activity in terms of preparation. Simply set up your sprinkler as you would to irrigate the lawn and let the kids run through the water! They’ll create lasting memories and cool down while you make sure your lawn stays lush and green.

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