How Can Drain Cleaners Affect Your Garbage Disposal?

While it can be tempting to simply dump liquid drain cleaner down any drains that seem like they might be clogged, it can actually end up doing much more harm than good. The things that seem like they may save money can actually end up costing much more money in the long term.

Before homeowners start to pour that liquid drain cleaner, they should be aware of the potential for long term pipe and garbage disposal damage to their home. Always contact a professional plumber for help with clogs and other plumbing related issues instead of attempting a home solution.

Garbage Disposal Damage Can Lead to Pipe Damage

pipe damageNot all problems with garbage disposal happen because of clogs. However, when inexperienced homeowners treat them all the same and dump liquid drain cleaner down the drain, they can be creating even more problems for themselves, so to start off people must know what can go down a garbage disposal.

In addition to having the liquid drain cleaner cause garbage disposal damage, the chemicals that travel into the pipes cause pipe damage even in the best of circumstances. If a homeowner suspects a clog in their garbage disposal and does not feel comfortable looking into it themselves, the safest solution is to contact a plumber.

It could also be an issue with the garbage disposal itself not working correctly instead of with the pipes. Awareness of the complicated nature of anything related to the garbage disposal is key in preventing pipe and garbage disposal damage to the home.

Watch for Garbage Disposal Heat

When liquid drain cleaners make contact with water, their inherent temperature rises. However, this increase in temperature is not good for the blades of the garbage disposal.

garbage disposal heat

The reason this happens is that there is a chemical reaction between the liquid drain cleaner and the water than results in electrons moving around, which creates the heat. Over time, the heat created can soften PVC pipes.

This makes them much more likely to warp, crack or even rupture, which can be an emergency situation. Although these types of products are common household items, they can cause significant garbage disposal damage when not used correctly.

Call a Plumber If You Suspect Garbage Disposal Damage

call a plumberUltimately, when homeowners suspect they may be having a garbage disposal problem, it is best to contact a trained professional instead of attempting to repair it on their own. In addition to the many ways that the home and pipes can be damaged, the homeowner can also do harm to themselves.

Electrocution or injury to the hands and fingers is very possible, especially by the untrained homeowner. A major source of injuries and deaths in the United States is related to home repairs, in fact. One other issue with attempting home repairs without the right knowledge or training is the potential to unintentionally ignore code requirements. In some situations, this becomes a legal issue

On the other hand, a trained plumber has the training and experience to know exactly what needs to be done and to do it safely. They will troubleshoot the garbage disposal issue and fix it safely, it is by far the best option for any plumbing issues that may arise, especially when it comes to liquid drain cleaners and the risk of garbage disposal damage.

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